Sketchbook 27

The sketchbook represents a place where my need to create a good image and my need to destroy them collide.

I'm nearly done with sketchbook #27. This is a selection of my favorite pages.

Skulls of Ultimate Death at Every Day Original!

Exclusively at Every Day Original, my Skulls of Ultimate Death original paintings will come available for purchase. This one, 'Red Flaming Death!' will be the first and wil be available precisely at 10am EST on July 19th.

Skulls of Ultimate Death started with my reflection of so many people in my life that have passed away instigated by the loss of my Mother...then my Uncle a few months later and my cousin of the same age a few months ago. All within two years. It was an outlet for me in my sketchbooks which eventually became a zine and now a series of small paintings which will only be on sale at Every Day Original.. 

As a kid and artist, I've always loved skulls. They're just so cool. There is a bit of tongue and cheek to these paintings as well. Like whistling past the graveyard at night, hoping that the scary monsters of death aren't real. There is something powerful about the visual interior of our humanity. If our faces are life, then our skulls beneath show us death.

Please visit the new website which will be updated regularly with sketchbook skulls, paintings and anything related.

Skulls of Ultimate Death

Announcing the release of Skulls of Ultimate Death available for purchase. It is a limited edition signed and numbered zine with special metallic silver cover and a total of 28 pages.

The images in this zine are taken directly from sketchbooks. They are expressions of the moment usually in thought about what it means to be alive and the pending end. I've unfortunately have gone through some tough experiences over the last few years with some friends dying suddenly of natural causes and being topped off with my Uncle and my Mother passing away. It's been a hard and tough time. I'm glad I have an outlet for my thoughts.

I'm sure there will be more on the way.

Agent T

For a few evenings, I sat on the couch with a brand new sketchbook and a random pile of markers, pens, pencils and charcoal. I wanted to see where my mind and the use of these materials would take me. Over the last few years, I've been complacent with personal work. I've been finding myself concentrating on commissioned work heavily which I am grateful for but missing out on the experimentation process that I always loved and what has helped me continue to grow as an artist. As a result, I've felt somewhat uninspired more times than I prefer to be. We all get uninspired occasionally - that's part of the gig. But it becomes a hazard and really can kill momentum especially if it continues over long periods of time.

If you're churning out piece after piece for client work and not spend an equal amount of time (in my opinion) creating work and experimenting for yourself, you may end up being more and more lax in your work which will translate into your business. Further, while I think being an illustrator is the bee's knees, it does get tiring treating my creative life continuously as a sort of commodity. I am under no illusions of how people out in the world view art or illustration, even some clients unfortunately. I, of course, view it much more personally and put my life into this and not in a 9 to 5 way.

Over time, remaining enthusiastic about working sometimes wanes - and this could be the death of an illustrator. No matter if the subject matter changes daily and the stories and projects of varying interests pass the drawing table, if you feel like you're just hacking and slashing away daily, you're going to die as an artist. That's why I need to do this sort of thing.

At least this has been my thinking lately - and it really hasn't anything to do with this kick ass woman, Agent T. I have no idea why she is Agent T right now or if it will even develop. I've had a great time creating this series and I learned *SO* much from doing these few. It was the first time in a while I was geeked up about messing around in the sketchbook.

"Agent T - The Next Gig"

(Click on the image to view larger version to be able to read the story.)

Pasadena Book

I found 10 copies of an old book I produced called Pasadena (and various drawings from sketchbooks 10 & 11). I've made them available in my shop. Click the link to be transported there to see some shot of some pages and more information.

Pasadena Book!