American Illustration + Society of Illustrators

I just received my copy of the new American Illustration book and I am honored to have five pages in the annual! American illustration has always been a book that seems to show the real 'alternative' side of illustration - the work that really tries to push the boundaries of what can be very traditional. Odd techniques, taboo subjects and experimental development of compositions and finishes all constantly intrigued me with every new book.

It is also and extremely difficult book to gain acceptance into and I consider myself very lucky to have such a showing in this book - especially with work that is very personal and experimental to me.

Also, I am doubly honored to get a total of 15 pieces selected to be part of the upcoming Society of Illustrators annual show. I've got most of them framed now and will have to drive them down to New York myself. They are just too big and costly to ship. My Air Force art was selected to be part of the show but unfortunately I believe its at the Pentagon and trying to get in touch with someone to get it back to New York has been difficult - so that work may not end up being exhibited.

UPDATE: Yes! The complete Air Force series is being shipped up from the Pentagon and will be on view next month at the Society!

Thank you to all the judges!