American Lawyer

This example of obsession and patience was created for The American Lawyer magazine. I've worked with them a few times and always have a good time doing work with them.

This time around, I had a bit of an extended deadline - really only a couple of days more than normal - so when the idea of creating a cityscape was developed, I thought it would be neat to really get into pushing the 'density' envelope with the city. It took quite some time and some wrist exercises to loosen me up every now and again but I am pretty happy with not only the results of the painting but how it was used.

Last week, I brought this original piece to a lecture I was asked to give at the Art Institute of Boston last week and just so you know, there are 298 buildings in this image. I only know this from a student that counted all of them during the lecture. The student wanted me to make sure I knew that was 'approximately 298' because she wasn't sure if some of the buildings were connected to one another or not. How delightfully awesome is that?