Bring Me The Head of David Flaherty

Now and again, some artists in the community get together and paint portraits of our friends for their significant birthdays. My longtime illustrator friend Dave Flaherty turned 60 not too long ago. Dave and his wife have a cute dog named Fritzie.

I wanted to encapsulate a sort of 'in joke' with all our friends about his head. The Flaherty Head as its lovingly called.

Below are some mono-prints I created as demos for a couple of my classes of his head. 

I have been honored to find out that the painting above was selected to be included in the Society of Illustrators Annual 58 and was exhibited in New York and just recently, selected to be included in the upcoming 3x3 Annual.

Special thanks to Dave and his wife, illustrator and my friend as well, Ellen Weinstein for organizing the project.