Communication Arts Feature

Earlier this year around March, I got an email from Susan Hodara, a writer for the New York Times Arts Section letting me know that Communication Arts was interested in doing a feature about me and my work for the September/October issue of the Design Annual.

Susan drove up from New York to Boston and we spent a wonderful day talking about...well, everything. From the beginning of where I started to where I am now. After she went through her notes and recordings, we had many follow up email conversations cleaning up the details about some of the information that she wanted to focus on. I had no access to the final feature and first read it when I got my issue from my subscription in the mail. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was terrified but very honored and pleased with the whole experience.

To read, you can click on this link which will open up a PDF of the feature.

Thank you Susan, Patrick Coyne and Communication Arts for the honor of being part of a legacy of amazing artist interviews.