Creative Quarterly - Kim Boekbinder Shoot

I am honored to have three photos awarded to be in the current issue of Creative Quarterly #38+39.

These are from one part of a '3-part' shoot I did with Kim Boekbinder when she came up to Boston to perform a show. Kim ended up staying with us at the house and had some time to work with her.

This part of the shoot, I wanted to tap into a couple of different parts of Kim as I see her. Kim is clearly a creative person and seems to always be trying a new exploration in music or art itself. I love that about her. The movement in these photos and seeing multiples of her symbolizes all the different creative aspects of who she is - she is one, but many. As a note, these 'superimposed' looking shots were all done in camera. No images were Photoshopped together. These came out as is.

The other side of her is her business savvy. Kim is an independent and doesn't rely on the support of a record label. She is completely fan supported. I grabbed one of my suits for this part of the shoot and thought with how interesting she visually looks, it would be a cool Yin & Yang of conservative business and creative experimentalist.

Kim is a great person and you should give her a listen. Thanks Kim!

Photo of Creative Quarterly

Photo of Creative Quarterly