Dim Stars: FIGHT!

The day before Thanksgiving, I received a copy of Spectrum 25. A beautiful book of art. I was nominated for a medal. The fact that I lost was not a surprise but still being represented in the book is more than I ever expect. The other nominees in my category are incredible artists.

Spectrum 25 Annual

Spectrum has always been one of those books to me that was an honor to get in because I live and work on the outskirts of those sorts of genres. Also, since it was playing D&D and being heavily influenced as a kid by the art in those books, the medal nomination is an incredible honor.

The next day, on Thanksgiving morning, I woke up to an email from the Society of Illustrators letting me know that this same piece was accepted into the Annual show. Another incredible honor!

Thank you to everyone involved with Spectrum and at the Society for having such respected annuals and thank you everyone for your support.

The work will be displayed at the Society of Illustrators Museum in January 2019.

Dim Stars: FIGHT! | 11x17”

Dim Stars: FIGHT! | 11x17”