Drawn To The Music - Society of Illustrators, NY

The Day I Tried To Live | 17" x 11" | Mixed Media

The Day I Tried To Live | 17" x 11" | Mixed Media

I created this painting for a special exhibit at the Society of Illustrators called Drawn To The Music. The exhibit is about artists interpretations of their favorite songs.

Exhibit: October 25 - December 23, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, November 4th, 2016

The song I chose to paint is The Day I Tried To Live by Soundgarden. It is likely one of my favorite songs of all time but found it difficult to create art for. I probably could have done 10 different versions of this painting yet it just wouldn't seem right.

This painting comes at a good time because I took August off from taking on client work. I needed some time to work on personal projects and other creative things I've been mucking about with. While I've been off, I've been thinking about my work lately and I've noticed that I have been losing the looseness in the work that I had so much fun with. I think that is due to the more perfectionist part of my personality. Over-rendering, over-painting...it seems to be killing an energy in my work that I used to have.

I think this piece turned out to be a good balance between the two - the loose and the graphic and tight.