Family Circle

This is a new piece for Family Circle magazine art directed by Dana Einsider.

The subject was about the uncomfortable discussions families have to have with one another about what their wishes are when they pass away.

I tend to go to the 'dark side' when it comes to working out images. I don't shy away from the subject and try to give an honest representation of how something feels. In this case, while a dark subject, I kept in mind the magazine and readership. It is generally not a 'heavy' magazine so I wanted to come up with imagery and visual metaphors that would accommodate the subject of the article but also play well with Family Circle's audience.

I submitted a bunch of sketch ideas, but this one with the knocked out subtle gravestone was the winner and my preference to paint. I added the Will in per request which I thought could have dumbed down the idea of the image but we agreed that not having the word 'Will' and having an image which symbolized the heart of what the discussion is about would work just as well.