New York Times - Facial Recognition

It's been a busy week. I've been fortunate enough to have work come in that has been keeping me busy for weeks. Lately, things have been a bit more robust in that the regular work I've been doing has had deadlines over a period of a week or two but in between, I've been getting some work from daily papers which fill those evening moments when I should be sleeping.

This job was one of the assignments I received on a Wednesday which was needed by Thursday. It's a lot of last minute schedule manipulation but it is hard to turn down juicy jobs like this. I am lucky that various art directors at the New York Times call because of the amount of times I've had to decline jobs because of crazy schedules or I am simply not in the studio at the time they need me. I am sure they are used to it. It really is a scramble when the news has to be current and timely.

I really enjoyed the subject matter for this job and big thank you's to Minh Uong for giving me the call. Here is the story.

On a personal note - it is really an honor to work with Minh. He was the art director for the Village Voice for many years when I was coming up as an illustrator and I always wanted to work with him. While I never got the chance to work with him at the Voice, it is just as exciting and humbling to work with him at the Times.

Above is the sketch that was approved for the job. I was excited about it right off the bat so I am grateful that it was selected.