Dog - Tor

I am incredibly happy to work with Irene Gallo once again for Tor Books/ on this project. The painting is for a short story titled 'Dog' written by Bruce McAllister.


Below is a shot of a pencil sketch when I was working out the shapes of the dogs and a photo of the rig used to film. Below that is the final cover to be used for the short story.

Smithsonian Magazine

Out now in Smithsonian Magazine is a fun piece I did for the 'Ask Smithsonian' section. The question being about being right-handed in evolutionary history. Thanks to Heather Palmateer, Art Director.

Boston Globe Series

In this Sunday's Boston Globe, I was honored to be asked by Creative Director Greg Klee to create work for the cover and full page interior spreads for the Magazine. It's a rarity that illustration is used so heavily like this in the magazine so I consider it an incredible honor that they have trusted me to create work for it. Even more, except for some back and forth with a couple of images for minor issues on wether something would read or not, I was pretty much given full latitude to create the art in both idea and esthetic as I pleased.

I am thrilled with the outcome and how the pieces were used. Thank you to Greg and the Boston Globe for asking me to work on the project.

Below are some sketches and process photos during the project. The nature of newspapers being such as it is, the deadline for the project was quite tight. I negotiated a few extra days bringing the deadline a day or two before Thanksgiving but between this job and the others I had already accepted, I didn't leave my painting table for a good couple of weeks.

New York Times

This is a new piece for the New York Times and Art Director Peter Morance.

What made this job fun was the subject matter and the fact that I was able to incorporate one of my Skulls of Ultimate Death into the piece.

I've been finding myself adding a lot of texture to my current pieces again. That sort of thing ebbs and flows with me. Sometimes I like things simpler and cleaner, other times, dense with texture.

Here are a few process shots and the sketches for this piece.


Recently, I worked on a project for Justin Page at Playboy. It was for a snippet of a larger fiction story about a mariachi guitar player who was shot years ago but then finally died due to the bullet still being in his body which essentially poisoned him.

I had fun in the studio doing this painting. It catered to everything I love to do in art making and subject matter. The combination of large bold shapes with fine-line details and the skull/guitar combination was perfect subject matter for me. I feel very lucky to have been asked by Justin to work on this job. He also did an amazing job designing the spread - it all works beautifully together.


White Light

Introducing my new mini-series of Dim Stars paintings called 'White Light'. They are all on 5" x 7" museum canvases and combine various mediums. Intent on this being Part 1 of a two-part series, I wanted these pieces to be small and personal and explore the personal and sad circumstance of having a close family member pass away.

Knowing that someone in your family is sick and going to pass on, one still cannot help feel the shock and suddenness of your loved one leaving, permanently. Are we ever truly prepared? Exploring the emotions associated with a death in the family has been a long bell-curved process. Constantly flowing up and down in states of sometimes acceptance and sometimes disbelief and feeling lost throughout.  Further trying to make sense of your own life without this person who may have had a constant presence within it is a confusing experience as well.

Normally working three or or four times larger, physically working small made me feel like I was trying to fit a huge amount of emotions and thoughts into a small space. Packing every ounce of me within the piece. The act of making this work felt more personal and as a consequence, spent more time doting over the little details and textures making sure every piece was presented the way I wanted.

This felt good. This felt freeing.

White Light | 5"x7" | Mixed Media

Ground | 5"x7" | Mixed Media

Inside | 5"x7" | Mixed Media

Disintegrate | 5"x7" | Mixed Media

Here are a couple of process photos.

Luerzer's 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide

I am honored to be selected once again to be part of the Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide.

The series I did for the United States Air Force and part of another series...of ANOTHER type of Air Force was selected. All of these images have found their way into other annuals and awards and I am humbled that they're appreciated so much.

My good buddy Brian Stauffer was selected to have his work on the cover of this year's book as well a a healthy dose of his work inside.